An action platformer that is very early in development. New content will be added regularly. Suggestions and feedback welcome! 


  • Keyboard
    • Movement: Arrow Keys or W/A/D
    • Jump: Space or Z
    • Attack: Ctrl or X
    • Throw: Shift or C
  • Xbox Controller
    • Movement: D-Pad
    • Jump: A
    • Attack: X
    • Throw: B

Just two levels available at the moment. See if you can find the 2 secret areas in each level. Enjoy!


AppleKnight - 36 MB
AppleKnight - 52 MB
Apple Knight - 36 MB

Also available on

Development log


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Very good game :)
Can you add the "Up" key as jump, please?
So we have to use only 2 special keys with the left hand, it's simplest! :)

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win 10 version doesnt work, you cant choose any world

It's a lovely game, do you think we will have the chance to cooperate? We are from the mobile in-game community.

Oops bro, next, I met your game a while ago and enjoyed it a lot, and it's amazing! The only thing I have against is the fact that the game has no translation to Brazilian Portuguese, I know there are several players here who also want it. It's more of a recommendation, and that would greatly extend the scope of the game, so that's it.

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Thank you! Yea, I'll balance the amount of Apples available or make them deal more damage. I might add a 'Dash' so that you can escape/dodge enemies.

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Really cool game! I like the art style, the gameplay is pretty cool too! But yeah maybe change the controls because those are not the best suited ones in my opinion. besides that great game! 

Have you considered participating in out GDWC #gamedev contest? 

Check out our page for more infos :) 


Thank you! I've changed controls and added Space, Shift and Control as well. I'll check out the contest - thanks!

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Great game I like it.

Few things imo:

There should be a boundary on the left side of the map when I start the game, kinda weird to run off the game screen. 

Enemies should face you when you attack them. 

Apples should either do more or less damage ( depends on you ) because they are a ranged attack and don't have much of them. 

Also the control scheme is weird, WAD to move and ZXC to attack also? Did you test that?? ( I would just let players set their own controls and use Up,Down,Left and ZXC as basics )

Also a bit of screen flickering. 

Otherwise everything else is really good, I would love to see a story on why this guy uses Apples to attack LOL! Can't wait for more updates dude, keep it up! 


Thank you for your feedback! I've made changes accordingly. I've never used WAD - so you're right, it is weird. I've added Space, Ctrl and Shift as well for people who use WAD. I'll add some story soon. Thanks again!

Very good work, the game is appealing and very playable.

There is too much camera shaking in my opinion, similar in Wayward Souls.

Also the camera movement should be slower when the player jump, or maybe it is a vertical parallax that create that effect.

This looks really promising.

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. Camera adjustments will be part of the next update.


If I may, the camera that follows the player moves way too fast and unecessarily, it shouldn't always follow the player when he jumps, that will just make the player dizzy. Other than, the game looks great

Thank you for your feedback - I'll adjust it.

this game is awesome i really liked it , i hope you enjoy my gameplay

Glad you liked it! I enjoyed the video.