Made for LD43 in 3 days.

You have been banished to a world filled with monsters, ruled by a hungry Demon lord. You have to hunt monsters and offer them as sacrifice to the demon to escape the world. Use portals spread throughout the world to offer your sacrifices faster. If things are going tough, consider sacrificing yourself with other monsters! Enjoy!


  • Left/Right: Movement.
  • Up/Z: Jump
  • Down/S: Pick up/Drop items
  • X: Attack
  • C: Dash

How to Play:

Kill monsters and take the item they drop and put it on the Altar. Make sure the item stays on the Altar until the Demon Lord consumes it. Also, don't stay on the Altar after dropping the item - else the demon might harm you - unless you want to sacrifice yourself! :)


Instead of taking items back to the altar by yourself, just throw them into portals spread throughout the level. All portals lead to the altar!

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